About Us

We are backed by science to deliver one of a kind courses to make the

learning journey more engaging, user centric, and efficient.

Who are we?

Lerero is a science-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution designed around a proprietary framework that integrates 10 modules into the learning journey. We aim to provide better learning know-how by focusing on efficiency, effectiveness, and greater engagement.

Lerero was established in 2021 as initiative of The KPI Institute, the global leader in performance management training and certification, with more than 25,972 participants trained and certified worldwide, from over 60 countries.

How are we different?

Lerero was built by trainers for trainers, capitalising on more than 20 years of experience in delivering training and the latest developments in learning science in order to offer unique learning experiences that optimize knowledge transfer, understanding and application in practice.

We have a well-integrated Science-Based Learning Journey Management Framework.

We are a Learning Home for participants who wish to transfer all their learning content to a private account, making it accessible anywhere and anytime.

We provide a Rewards System that incentivizes user engagement and enhances the learning experience by using gamified features.

Team Members

Dr. Aurel Brudan

Founder and CEO


Cosmin Chindris



Temiloluwa Makinwa

Product Development Manager


Tamil Selvi

Instructional Design Manager


Kuntari Wijayati

Tech. Project Lead


Oluwafemi Bakare

Head of UI/UX


Vikas Rohilla

Head of Business Analysis


Sarika Fitri

Business Analyst


Moch Chafid

Business Analyst


Vishakh Vardhan

Sales Manager


Habiba Helmy

Senior Business Development Representative


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