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Design modern assessments with technology enhanced features and performance exercises that engage the learner. Lerero features an end-to-end assessment platform that supports facilitators and learners throughout the assessment process, from creating and delivering digital exams to grading and analysis. Now, let’s get into some of Lerero’s other impressive assessment features:


Lerero offers a variety of question types, ensuring your quizzes are engaging and dynamic. With features like randomization and question pooling, you can customize the experience for every learner, keeping them on their toes. Worried about time constraints? Not a problem! You have the flexibility to set the exam duration according to your preferences. Additionally, if a second attempt is needed, our retake option is at your disposal. Looking to add an extra layer of challenge? Explore options like flip cards, ordering tasks, drag-and-drop exercises, and the brain-teasing scramble format.


The survey feature is a versatile toolkit, offering Likert scales, multiple choice, and free text options. This allows for precise insights into participant satisfaction, preferences, and comprehension levels. By utilizing this feature, course creators can refine content, personalize learning experiences, measure participant satisfaction, foster continuous improvement, and enhance engagement and retention rates, ultimately elevating the overall learning experience.


The client administrator possesses the authority to establish various types of assignments, define the passing grade, specify a due date, and allow for retakes. Learners have the flexibility to submit assignments in a range of formats, including PDF, DOC, MP3, MP4, and XLS. Subsequently, the client admin is able to thoroughly assess the learner’s submission, provide feedback, and assign a grade accordingly.
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