User Management

User management that adapts to your training needs.
A flexible LMS is your key to training success. Lerero comes with highly-flexible user management features that let you bring your teams together and and allow role-based access control.

Welcome Users

Invite learners to your course through multiple methods, including manual invitations, email invitations, or by importing an excel file, providing a flexible and convenient experience for both the course admin and learners.

Assign User Roles

In addition to the primary roles of administrator, facilitator, and user, you can further customize the user roles within Lerero to align with specific permissions and responsibilities, providing a tailored and secure learning environment.

Group Learners for Tasks

Streamline your course management process by forming cohorts, learner groups and assigning courses/resource libraries to the entire group simultaneously. This approach saves you valuable time and ensures a cohesive learning experience for all.

Active and Inactive Users

Take full control of your course’s dynamics by either suspending or unsuspending learners, granting them instant access to training resources, or temporarily pausing their engagement, empowering you to tailor the learning experience to their individual needs and progress with utmost flexibility and convenience.

Assign Users to Course

Manage user enrollment across multiple courses with utmost efficiency and precision. Through this command, Lerero lets you enroll users in courses (or unenroll users, if needed) manually with a few clicks.

Edit User Information

Maintain user records and ensure accurate information by leveraging our advanced system, which grants you the ability to seamlessly modify crucial user details such as profiles, certificates, learning groups, and various other parameters, enabling you to uphold a professional standard of user management and adapt to evolving needs with utmost precision and ease.

Resend Activation Link

Offer timely user support by resending activation links to individuals who require assistance in completing their activation, ensuring a seamless onboarding experience and fostering a supportive learning environment.

Remove Users

Maintain a curated course environment by leveraging this feature that enables you to remove or delete users when necessary, ensuring a streamlined and professional learning experience while preserving the integrity and relevance of your course content and interactions.
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