Lerero Reports

The metrics you need, the way you need them.

Equip your learners with the necessary information and identify areas where they may be struggling. Utilize and export reports within Lerero, which include course status, certificates and badges, exams, and survey reports.

Course Reports

Utilizing Lerero’s robust course reporting feature, you’ll have access to essential metrics for assessing your training sessions. This includes detailed reports ranging from General Summary Reports, Course Reports, User Reports, and more. Course administrators can monitor both individual learner progress and the collective performance of the learning group, allowing them to pinpoint those in need of extra support and fine-tune instructional approaches.

The reports make it simple to share your employee training success with other stakeholders in the organization. They provide clear, quantifiable data to help calculate ROI and gauge the effectiveness of training efforts, all presented in an easily digestible format within minutes.

Learner Reports

Know how your learners and learning groups are performing to generate the best outcomes. Keep an eye on the learners’ progress and follow up with those who may need extra support.


Easily keep track of the certificates that your learners are earning. Take a look at a learning group and see who’s earned a certificate of completion. Zoom in on a particular learner and a specific user report to see what certifications they have earned.

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