Content Management

Customize your training to suit your preferences.
Create courses in a format that aligns with your team’s needs and caters to your learners, whether that be through microlearning or a more extensive 10 learning journey.

Learner-Centric Learning

We combine video files, PowerPoint, and SCORM with rigorous assignments, performance tasks, and assessments to engage learners and ensure subject-area mastery.

At Lerero, we make configuration and customization simple. We give you the ability to restructure content and even add your own custom content to create customized courses and assignments with a few clicks.

10-Step Learning Journey

Lerero is the next-generation, science-based learning management platform that is powered by 10 easy steps, enabling a course creator with no prior knowledge of e-learning course creation to track their learners’ progress and create flexible, dynamic, and interactive learning journeys.

Course creators can also choose to narrow down the steps or reshuffle the process if the course training requires a different approach.
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