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You’ll benefit from the specific expertise we bring to your project, including offer customization, technical support, training support, marketing, and community and networking.

Best of all, we become an extension of your team, partnering in your success.

Why Lerero?

Lerero is a science-based SaaS solution that enables training providers to position themselves as learning partners by offering an effective and enjoyable end-to-end learning experience.

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Revenue Sharing

Get profit from initial sales, as well as recurring revenue from subscription upgrades, subscription extensions and renewals. Are you an effective reseller? We can explore additional bonuses!

Enhancing Existing Training

Enhance your existing training with Lerero’s science-based 10-step learning journey solution. Achieve long-term knowledge retention by focusing on behavioral change and assessment, supported by our extensive research in memory and brain science.

White Labeling

You can customize our Lerero platform to align with your brand voice, giving the impression that it was all done by you. Additionally, this allows you to establish a distinct and recognizable presence in the market, enhance your brand visibility, and foster trust among your target audience.


Boost your revenue potential by offering your customers an LMS without the hassle of building it from scratch. Elevate your organization growth further by providing them with a science-based learning solution.

Training and Support 24/7

A technical and training support team is available to our partners to answer any questions throughout your Lerero learning journey.

Marketing Support

We offer robust marketing support to our partners. This includes access to co-branded materials and marketing collateral such as brochures, social media mentions, website backlinks through website mentions, empowering you to effectively promote your offerings and strengthen your market presence.

What We Look for in a Partner?

We’re in search of partners who share our vision of a world where learning is accessible, engaging, and effective for all. Specifically, we value:

Passion for Education

A genuine enthusiasm to empower learners and organizations through top-notch e-learning solutions.

Customer-Centric Approach

We believe in putting our partners first in everything we do. You understand that success lies in exceptional customer experiences.


Do you examine the market environment every day? Do you master challenges and never fail to find answers to difficult questions? If yes, join in the success.

Our Partner Program is designed for customer-centric service providers, agencies, consultants, and other sellers who want to maximize value for their clients by leveraging Lerero Platform and strategies to drive loyalty, retention, and revenue.

Scale your business to totally new heights with our well thought solutions.

Learning Reinforcement

At Lerero, we understand that true learning takes time and practice. That’s why we provide your clients with a technology platform that ensures the knowledge is solidified for the long haul.


We know that learning should be engaging and fun. We bring the excitement with badges, rewards, and interactive challenges, making the learning journey not only insightful but also enjoyable.

Learning Application Tracking

Follow-up matters. With Lerero, one can track the learning progress and provide tailored guidance, fostering a learning environment where growth is our top priority.

We’re the only training partner you need to deliver mastery oriented learning to your entire organization.

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