Explore the powerful features that ensure learner-centric course success.

Create fully-digitized courses and assessments for your learners even without prior experience in e-learning!

Content Management

Feel free to upload your presentations (PPT), e-learning courses (SCORM), video tutorials (MP4), and audio tracks (MP3, WAV), as well as supplementary documents (PDF, DOC, XLS).
Lerero is a powerful course creator that works with PowerPoint, SCORM, and video files. With Lerero LMS, you can quickly generate courses, quizzes, and interactions and publish training from existing PowerPoint files to any course.

The seamless integration between tools provides advanced reporting capabilities for you to track your learners’ progress.

You can divide your course creation into 10 easy steps. This is a unique feature of Lerero for newcomers and aspiring course creators. Moreover, you can compress this journey and take a shortcut by uploading your existing SCORM files to our platform. We want to be flexible and not restrict your course structure just because it may have a different learning strategy. Knowledge knows no bounds!

User Management

Adding users to Lerero is hassle-free. To add multiple users, you can simply use XLSX files.

You can assign your LMS users the following roles: Administrator, Facilitator, and User. Apart from these standard roles, the Client Admin can customize the user role.

You can easily group employees from different teams and departments. For example, you can create a group for new hires to provide them with onboarding materials.

Lerero allows you to have registered and paid active users. You can deactivate users anytime – they won’t be able to log in; however, their progress will be saved on our Lerero.


Lerero has built-in badge features. Create badges and encourage your learners to achieve their learning goals. Badges are earned by completing courses or lessons, attending workshops, and achieving a new user group or access level.

Learners can find their badges displayed on their dashboards.

Encourage your team to achieve their learning goals. By embedding gamification in learning, we have developed leaderboards. Leaderboards in Lerero help with learner motivation, provide indirect feedback, and inject a competitive edge into each learning session.

Learner Engagement

Enable learners to work together and share knowledge on course content and other topics.

Send emails about enrollments, due dates, reminders, and other announcements.

Lerero allows social learning activities such as discussion forums, notifications, and social media sharing.

Learner Assessment

Assessing the learner is done quickly through self-test questions, quizzes, and surveys. These engaging activities improves long-term knowledge retention by having the learner participate actively rather than passively receiving the information.

You can choose who will get notifications when students complete a learning track. For example, when a new hire completes a welcome course, the system instantly notifies their manager, the Head of HR, and the Head of Training.


Our reporting system provides you with attempt details, answer breakdowns, average scores, and other info about your learners.

Acquire complete transparency over learners’ progress on every course with the Performance Summary Report, Course Details Report, and other similar reports.

Learners are also free to access their own training history from their Dashboard.

Identify the users and groups who show the greatest interest in online training, track their activity, and compare it to the results they show on the job.

Automate certification and engage learners around the clock.

Automatically provide learners with personalized completion certificates, and set automated alerts when it’s time to re-certify.

Track your learners’ training completion rates by checking their certifications and notifying them of new opportunities that may boost their career prospects.