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Lerero incorporates modern learning strategies into its features to make learning fun and refreshing for your learners. This allows them to deliver the best gamified learning experience, unlike any other.

Lerero combines the best microlearning and gamification strategies to make your courses interactive and engaging. It does this by breaking down overwhelming training content into short-form lessons, while gamification applies game elements to training. See how Lerero grips the learner’s attention below:


Elevate the learning experience and provide valuable feedback to learners by implementing a comprehensive points system that accurately measures their progress and achievement, enabling you to assign scores after each activity within a module, ensuring regular milestones are recognized, and fostering a data-driven approach to monitoring learner growth and success in a highly professional manner.


Inspire learners and acknowledge their accomplishments by granting awards based on point thresholds, and creating custom badges for meeting specific requirements, fostering a culture of excellence within a professional learning environment.


Elevate the prestige of your learners’ achievements by uploading personalized diploma certificates tailored to your institution’s branding, or utilize our Lerero template to create professional-grade certificates, providing a tangible symbol of accomplishment and further enhancing the value of their learning experience.


Immerse learners in a competitive and engaging learning environment with a user-friendly dashboard that displays a dynamic leaderboard, enabling them to track their progress and compare achievements.
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