Course creator

What kind of content can I put on Lerero?

You can put a wide range of content on Lerero, including online courses, documents, multimedia, quizzes, PDFs, presentations, interactive modules, discussion forums, assignments, and surveys.

Can I embed source code of external web pages in my course?

Yes, you can copy a source code and embed in your course using Lerero. If you have created course activities using H5P or other learning platform, you can copy the source code and paste in your course using Lerero. This will enable your learner to take exercises or activities you choose from other learning plartform

Can I have Live Video or Webinars in my course

Yes, you can input any video conferencing link of your choice.

Can I track individual learner progress?

Track individual learner progress in courses, assignments, and quizzes to monitor their progress and ensure effective course delivery.

Can we trace individual learning paths for each learner with Lerero?

Yes, you can trace individual learning paths for your learners.

Can I generate different assessments?

Assess the learner quickly through self-test questions, quizzes, and surveys.

Can the learner ask questions to the course admin/facilitator?

Yes, your learners can either email the course admin or facilitator or leave comments within a lesson. They can also post questions into a discussion forumn if you choose to create one for the course.

Can I create a course with a video plus multiple PDFs and PowerPoint presentations?

You can create a course using presentations (PPT), e-learning courses (SCORM), video tutorials (MP4), and audio tracks (MP3), as well as supplementary documents (PDF, DOC, XLS).

Can I include external web pages in my course

Yes, you can input external web pages in your course. You can add youtube video links, links to articles on any webpage, etc.

Inviting a new learner to a course

Steps to manually invite learner to a course for the first time.
On User Management on your dashboard, choose:

1. Invitation by Email (individual or bulk)

2. Import data

What are some of the best website features available with Lerero?

Lerero is a science-based software-as-a-service solution (SaaS) designed around a proprietary framework that integrates 10 modules in the learning journey. We aim to provide better learning know-how by focusing on efficiency, effectiveness, and greater engagement. 

A few of the best website features available with Lerero include the following:

1. The 10 Learning Stages – The Lerero learning journey feature provides course administrators with a comprehensive view of learners’ progress, allowing them to track and control every aspect of learning. Instructors can identify knowledge gaps, provide personalized support, and make informed course improvements decisions.

2. User Management – Lerero’s flexible LMS ensures training success with powerful user management features, allowing teams to unite, assign permissions, and track activity for everyone.

3. Gamification – Lerero combines microlearning and gamification strategies for an interactive, engaging learning experience, breaking down complex content into short lessons and incorporating game elements for a unique and enjoyable learning experience.

Can you guarantee my training content is safe and securely stored?

At Lerero, we take our responsibility to protect and secure your information seriously. See our Privacy Policy to learn more.

How do customers pay for my course and how do I access my funds?

Lerero simplifies course charging through integrations with PayPal and Stripe, allowing users to create and connect accounts effortlessly. Learners’ purchases are deposited directly into their PayPal or Stripe accounts, allowing for instant access.